Harmony Saddle
Fitting and Repair


Nancy Bardy

 Nancy has been saddle fitting for more than 12 years now in the Atlanta area. Her reputation for honest evaluation and understanding of the riders and horses needs is unsurpassed.  Nancy has worked with many top saddlers in the industry and continues to learn and develop her craft to keep up with the latest that the industry has to offer.  She approaches each horse and rider combination with an open and objective mind, knowing that all combinations are different and can have very specific individual needs.

   All fittings and evaluations are done at your farm. Nancy has a trailer that contains her workshop so all work can be done on site.  She also carries an ever changing variety of used and new saddles, and works closely with many saddle makers and tack stores.  Her main goal is a well fitted horse and a comfortable rider! 

Nancy loves to do group talks and demonstrations - book one today for your group

  "I learned so much"   "Wow, Nancy made it easy for all to understand"   "I never knew there were so many factors in saddle fit!"


Harmony Saddle Fitting is proud to offer: 



  • Onsite evaluations of any brand of saddle
  • Help understanding saddle brands, designs and options
  • Wither tracing
  • Spot flocking
  • Tree adjustments
  • Dynamic analysis of horse and rider
  • Muscular evaluation of the horses back
  • Help understanding assymetry
  • Suggestions on padding
  • Fitting the young developing horse                                                                                 
"When horse and rider unite in harmony, riding becomes art"  Phodasky    
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